Flashpunk delevopment delayed

Happy new year everyone!
Well, as I mentioned last post, I tried to become familiar with the flashpunk framework... And yeah after I reached first results really fast, I know find myself struggling in making everything look hotter by adding effects and stuff. After some investigation in flashpunks community forums I found out that many features I'd like to use aren't yet supported by flashpunk. Happily the creator of flashpunk already announced flashpunk 2 which supports alot of things mentioned above. So I guess I pause the development with flashpunk for now, concentrating on new stuff.
21.01.13 08:18:31

New Design + Infos

So some time passed since I've written the last post. I was kinda busy studying but now - as the year ends - I'll have more time doing game programming. In addition to that, I've given playnamic.net a new look.
As I had to do a lot with HTML5 last time, I started playing around with it and ended up with a neat semi-realistic powder game. You can find it on the left sidebar under 'Experimental' or just by clicking here: Powder Game

Back to flash, I decided to check out a highly praised framework called Flashpunk (www.flashpunk.net) and so I'm currently busy getting used to it. More news on that later.

So that is the actual status, see you soon.
28.11.12 16:39:56

Psyline released

As mentioned yesterday, Psyline is playable now :D.
Have fun: http://playnamic.net/play/psyline
18.09.12 19:39:37

Playnamic FB-Page

Oh I forgot: Yesterday I created a Facebook page for Playnamic Studios. It's neither filled nor finished in design, but that will be changed in the next time!
Go check it out and like :)

17.09.12 10:55:44

Psyline launch on 18.09.12

Hello folks,
some time has passed and I've been working on Psyline for the last 4 weeks (more or less). Now it is time to release it after I did the last few tweaks today.
See you tomorrow! :)
17.09.12 09:43:20

Finally released: Gloid - The Levitation Robot

I'm happy to say that Gloid is finally out. Alot of trouble made the last days really exhausting. But nevertheless I hope you enjoy playing Gloid as much as I did while creating it. :)
Play Gloid now here: http://playnamic.net/play/gloid

And again, follow me on twitter: https://twitter.com/Playnamic
16.08.12 17:14:58

Gloid release tomorrow!

I'm proud to say that the long wait is finally over, since Gloid will be released tomorrow! For those who don't know Gloid yet, check out the trailer on youtube and follow me on Twitter.
See you tomorrow. :)
15.08.12 16:39:52

RSS Feed and Twitter

I created a Twitter account for Playnamic Studios a while back. Now, all news posted here will also get posted on Twitter, so - if you use Twitter - visit my account and follow me, thanks!
15.08.12 16:33:43

Website update

I've updated the website by adding a games- and about-section. Have fun.
09.08.12 15:02:42

Gloid found a sponsor!

I'm glad to say that Gloid successfully found his sponsor. Now the last few adjustments are taking place.

In the meantime check out the trailer here:
Trailer: Gloid - The Levitation Robot
07.08.12 13:24:12

Gloid is looking for a sponsor

I'm glad to say that the development on Gloid is finished and he now seeks for a sponsor. Go check it out on FGL in the meantime.
21.07.12 18:23:58

PlayBall becomes playable

While the webpage of playnamic gets more and more finished, you are now able to play my very first game 'PlayBall'.

This should cover the waittime for Gloid.

Play PlayBall here
29.06.12 16:21:53

Playnamic Studios are online!

On this beautiful day, Playnamic Studios went online! My first game "Gloid" will be released soon after i got the rest of the page finished and completed the last 0.5% of the gloid development.

Stay tuned!
28.06.12 17:00:00